Poland: The candidates for the national final for Eurovision 2018

Poland: The candidates for the national final for Eurovision 2018

With Poland’s interest in the contest having gone up a lot, after four consecutive years in the final and once in the top 10, we were looking forward to the names for the national final of the country announced a while ago.

Krajowe Eliminacje, the so-called Polish national final, will be held on March 3rd. It is Poland’s method of choosing its representatives from 2003 onwards, with only three exceptions when it had decided to make internal choices (2005, 2014 and 2015).

The candidates for Krajowe Eliminacje are:

  1. Saszan – Ne chcę ciebie mniej
  2. Monika Urlik – Momentum
  3. Isabel Otrebus – Delirium
  4. Ifi Ude – Love is stronger
  5. Future Folk – Krakowiacy i górale
  6. Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer – Light me up
  7. Marta Gałuszewska – Why do not we go?
  8. Pablosson – Sunflower
  9. Maja Hyży – Skin
  10. Happy Prince – Do not Let Go

Poland participated in the competition for the first time in 1994 with Edyta Gorniak and the song in her native language “To nie ja”, winning the 2nd place, the best so far. Big success was in 2016 with Michał Szpak and the song “Color of your life”, which totally won the 8th place, but in televoting finished in third place and sparked talks about the biggest opposition between the voting of the audience and the juries. In 2017, Poland was represented by Kasia Moś with the song “Flashlight”, managed to qualify for the big final, but while there were expectations for something better finished in 22nd place.

Let us remind you the 2017 Polish performance:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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