Poland: Tulia’s Eurovision 2019 entry to be revealed on March 8; Will it be “Pali Się”?

Poland: Tulia’s Eurovision 2019 entry to be revealed on March 8; Will it be “Pali Się”?

It has been announced that Telewizja Polska (TVP) will reveal Tulia’s Eurovision 2019 entry this Friday, March 8. Back in February TVP had announced that the band Tulia was internally selected to represent Poland at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

Different than in the last 3 years, TVP decided not hold a national final but to select its Eurovision representative and song internally this year. It still remains to be seen if the Polish Eurovision 2019 entry will be the band’s song “Pali Się” as it had been previously reported but not confirmed. Discussions were still ongoing between Telewizja Polska, Tulia and their record label Universal Music – also concerning the language of the song; whether it will be solely in Polish or both in Polish and English.

Tulia consists of the four young female singers Patrycja Nowicka, Dominika Siepka, Joanna Sinkiewicz and Tulia Biczak. The band combines a characteristic style of singing with modern music production. It’s mainly a folk inspired band that mixes old traditional sounds with a modern touch. Tulia is both a cover band and a band of musicians producing their own and original music. Their work includes covers from the likes of Citizen GC, Wilki, O.N.A, Seweryn Krajewski, Stan Borys, Depeche Mode, Metallica and Dawid Podsiadło.


SOURCE: Dziennik Eurowizyjny

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