Poland wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 for a second consecutive year with Viki Gabor !!

Poland wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 for a second consecutive year with Viki Gabor !!

The 17th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is over and we have this year’s winner! It’s Viki Gabor with her song “Superhero” won the competition and keeps the trophy in home soil!!


The Host and Opening act of the show

total of 19 delegates took the stage tonight and gave their final best performance to win the public vote while yesterday the Jury final determined the 50% of the vote coming from the juries ( consisted of three music experts and two children). An impressive stage, extroadinary vocal performances, brightful and all colored staging set ups, featured this year’s edtion, which saw Spain return after a 13  years absence , Kazakhstan once again on board and 17 more countries sharing the joy!

Host of today’s show were last year’s winner in Minsk , Roksana Wegiel  alongside with Polish-American actress and dancer Ida Nowakowska and Polish presenter and mostly lifestyle journalist Aleksander Sikora

The live show started with the presentation of the participating countries and the entrance of the competing acts. The countries were announce in alphabetical order. The parade ended with the entrance of the three hosts.

Competing part of the show

Following the hosts’ welcome speech the competing part of the event starts as all the contestants get in the following order to perform their entries:

01           Australia  – Jordan Anthony  : “We Will Rise”       


02           France – Carla :  “Bim bam toi”             


03      Russia  –  Tatyana Mezhentseva and Denberel Oorzhak  :  “A Time for Us”     


04           North Macedonia   –  Mila Moskov : “Fire” 


05           Spain  – Melani García  : “Marte”           


06           Georgia  – Giorgi Rostiashvili   : “We Need Love”   


07           Belarus –   Liza Misnikova  :    “Pepelny (Ashen)” 


08           Malta  – Eliana Gomez Blanco  : “We Are More”     


09           Wales  –  Erin Mai   : “Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating)”   


10           Kazakhstan  –  Yerzhan Maksim :  “Armanyńnan qalma”     


11           Poland –  Viki Gabor   : “Superhero”   


12           Ireland –  Anna Kearney   : “Banshee”       


13           Ukraine  –  Sophia Ivanko    : “The Spirit of Music”     


14          The Netherlands   – Matheu  : “Dans met jou”     


15           Armenia  –  Karina Ignatyan : “Colours of Your Dream” 


16           Portugal   –  Joana Almeida  :  “Vem comigo (Come with Me)”     


17           Italy  –  Marta Viola   :   “La voce della terra”     


18           Albania –  Isea Çili  :  “Mikja ime fëmijëri”   


19           Serbia  –  Darija Vračević  :  “Podigni glas (Raise Your Voice)” 


The winner was determined by a combination of jury voting and an online voting  that had started on Friday and closed just before the live show began, but opened again once more only for 15 minutes after all  acts had completed their performances. Each voting had a 50% share on the final outcome.

Jury Voting

The juries’ votes declared winner the country of Kazakhstan receiving 148 points while second came Poland with 112 points and third  Spain with 108 points. This how the scoreboard was after the 19 national juries’ votes were in:


Online Voting

Once the jury voting was revealed the hosts went on with the point from the online voting which declared winner Poland with 278 points leaving behind second Kazakhstan with 227 points. The top three closed with Spain which receiving 212 points.

Therefore the final scoreboard after the online voting was added developed as following:


Let’s Enjoy once more Viki’s winning entry “Superhero”:

CONGRATULATION TO Poland and Viki Gabor for her victory and to the Polish broadcaster TVP and EBU for one more spectacular Eurovision show !!


Angelo D.

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