After one year away from the contest, Portugal is ready to be back again. RTP announced that the participant who will fly tha flag in Kiev, will be chosen through Festival da Canção. 

This year Festival da Canção will take place in Portugal, but with some changes in its format. In the  3 shows (2 semi-finals and 1 Final) we will not have a live orchestra this year. The artists will perform their songs live but not only in Portuguese language. A National jury (50%) and televoting (50%) will choose the winner. In total, we will have 16 songs from 16 different composers.

The 16 composers are:

  1. Luísa Sobral
  2. Marcia
  3. Rita Redshoes
  4. David Santos (Noiserv)
  5. Celina da Piedade
  6. Samuel Úria
  7. Nuno Gonçalves (The Gift)
  8. Pedro Silva Martins (Deolinda)
  9. Toli Caesar Machado (GNR)
  10. João Pedro Coimbra (Mesa)
  11. Nuno Figueiredo (Virgin Suta)
  12. Pedro Saraiva (Sir Aiva / DR Sax)
  13. Nuno Feist
  14. Jorge Fernando
  15. João Only
  16. Heber Marques

Now, the 16 composer must compose their song and chose one artist to perform it live.