Portugal 2019: All you need to know about Conan Osiris and his entry “Telemoveis”

Portugal 2019: All you need to know about Conan Osiris and his entry “Telemoveis”

Portugal once more selected its Eurovision representative through the traditional Festival da Cançao 2019 that consisted of two semi finals and one final show. The national final was held at Portimão Arena in the city of Portimão and was hosted by Filomena Cautela (one of the Eurovision 2018 hostesses) andVasco Palmeirim. A total of 8 songs competed in the final show while the final outcome was determined by the public vote (50%) and the 7 juries representing the 7 administrative regions of Portugal. Conan Osiris was the big winner with his entry Telemoveis and will represent Portugal at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

A few words about Conan Osiris

Conan Osiris (Tiago Miranda his real name), is a versatile act who combines several kinds of music, from Fados , arabic music and gypsy music to techno and R’n’B. He was born in Lisbon the year 1989 and has already released 4 albums. 

Conan apart from being a singer is a self taught dancer, composer and producer. In 2018 he made his debut appearance at RTP’ s popular night show named,  5 Para a Meia-Noite. The show is hosted by  Filomena Cautela, one of the hostesses of Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. 

The entry “Telemoveis”

Telemoveis is a song composed by himself and is entirely in Portuguese, while it is already high on Youtube and Spotify trends in Portugal. At the end of 2018 Conan was invited by RTP to present a song for  Festival da Canção and eventually he composed the song “Telemoveis”. Apart from composing it he sang it himself on stage achieving to win the national final. 

Osiris  will perform his entry 15th  in the 1st semi final on May 14.


The lyrics of “Telemoveis”

Eu parti o telemóvel
A tentar ligar para o céu
Pa’ saber se eu mato a saudade
Ou quem morre sou eu
E quem mata quem
Quem mata quem mata
Quem mata quem
Nem eu sei
Quando eu souber, eu não ligo a mais ninguém
E se a vida ligar
Se a vida mandar mensagem
Se ela não parar
E tu não tiveres coragem de atender
Tu já sabes o que é que vai acontecer
Eu vou descer a minha escada
Vou estragar o telemóvel
O telele
Eu vou partir o telemóvel
O teu e o meu
E eu vou estragar o telemóvel
Eu quero viver e escangalhar o telemóvel
E se eu partir o telemóvel
Eu só parto aquilo que é meu
Tou para ver se a saudade morre
Vai na volta, quem morre sou eu
E quem mata quem mata
Eu nem sei
A chibaria nunca viu nascer ninguém
Eu partia telemóveis
Mas eu nunca mais parto o meu
Eu sei que a saudade tá morta
Quem mandou a flecha fui eu
Quem mandou a flecha fui eu
Fui eu

English translation

I broke my phone
Trying to call up to heaven
To find out if I kill off my saudade1
Or if I’m the one who dies
Who kills whom?
Who kills whom?
Will it kill?
Who kills whom?
Not even I know
When I find out
I won’t call another soul
If life calls you up
If life sends you a message
If it doesn’t stop
And you don’t have the courage to pick up
You already know what’ll come next
I’ll go downstairs
And I’ll wreck my phone, the ol’ celly
I’ll break the phone
Both yours and mine
And I’ll wreck my phone
I want to live and obliterate my phone
And what if I break my phone?
I’ll only have broken what belonged to me
I have yet to see if my saudade will die
It turns out I’m the one who dies
Who kills whom?
Will it kill?
I don’t even know
The sensationalists have never seen anyone be born
I used to break phones
But I never break mine anymore
I know that my saudade is dead
The one who shot the arrow was me
The one who shot the arrow was me
It was me

The Eurovision Story so far 

Portugal joined the Eurovision family in 1964 when it was represented by António Calvário, who finished last without any points. Since their debut in 1964 Portugal has missed  five times the contest, the latest being in 2016. Before 2016, the best result of Portugal in the contest was a 6th placing  in 1996 with Lúcia Moniz performing “O meu coração não tem cor” in Oslo. In 2017 the country got out of the list of the remaining countries without victory, as Salvador Sorbal was crowned winner in Kyiv with his song Amar Pelos Dois . Following Salvador’s win the country hosted the 63rd edition of the contest in Lisbon.

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