Portugal: Diogo Piçarra withdraws from «Festival da Canção »

Portugal: Diogo Piçarra withdraws from «Festival da Canção »

After complaints about copying, one of the great favorites of Festival da Canção, Diogo Picarra, withdrew his entry, “Canção do fim”, which had qualified from the second semi-final on Sunday, after getting 12 points from both the public and the jury.

Diogo Picarra stated the following:

“There are no words to thank for all the support and love I received in the last 24 hours from classmates, friends, family and fans. My position regarding to my music remains, I have a quiet conscience and my head high. But I do not intend to feed this cloud anyway. Everything that has been created around my participation no longer concerns music. I could not omit to say how proud I would be to represent my country in a contest  like Eurovision, but it makes no sense to try to win that way. My career and my life do not depend on it, they only  depend on you and in that sense I know I will always have fellow travelers . To all the co-riders, I hope you leave the song festival as the next winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and I will be here, like all the Portuguese, applauding you. Thank you for everything. “

After that,the Portuguese public broadcaster released an  announcement on Picarra’s withdrawal:

RTP understands and respects the decision of Diogo Piçarra to withdraw Canção do Fim from Festival da Canção 2018. We never doubted the integrity of Diogo, whose career is talking about him. The song “Mensageira
“, composed by Aline Frazão and sung by Susana Travassos, therefore qualifies to the final. RTP thanks Aline and Susana for the fair play that took part. The final of Festival da Canção 2018 will take place in Guimarães, this Sunday at 21:00 GMT (p.m. 22:00 CET). “

Below you can listen to the song of Diogo Picarra participated in Festival da Canção 2018:

Listen,also,to the song which will replace Picarra’s song:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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