Marlon ,contestant of this year’s edition of Festival da Canção, Portugal’s national selection format,  withdraw from the national final and won’t be performing his song “O Jantar”.

Portugal’s national broadcaster, RTP, has announced that Marlon has withdrawn from the national final and won’t be performing the song   “O Jantar”. Therefore , the composer of the entry, Pedro Pode was asked to appoint a new performer of the song. Eventually, Pedro Pode chose  João Couto as the new performer of the song and new contestant of the national final. You can listen to the new version of the song HERE

We remind you that all contestants will be competing in the semi finals as following:

1st Semi Final

2nd semi final

Host fo semi final 1 will be Sónia Araújo and Tânia Ribas de Oliveira, semi final 2 Jorge Gabriel and José Carlos Malato, while Vasco Palmeirim and Filomena Cautela, will host the grand final at Portimão.