Portugal: Meet Salvador Sobral’s favorite for the FdC

Portugal: Meet Salvador Sobral’s favorite for the FdC

Through his official Facebook page, last year’s Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral shows his preference for the winner of this year’s Festival da Canção and his country’s representative in the contest.

This is Janeiro and the song “Sem titulo”. Actually, Sarvador himself was the one who invited Janeiro to participate in this year’s Festival da Canção.

Below you can read  Sarvador’s  post:


Furthermore,today,the running order of the Final was also announced and that is as follows:

  1.  Rui David – Sem medo
  2.  Susana Travassos – A mensageira
  3. Peter Serrado – Sunset
  4. Joana Espadinha – Zero a zero
  5. Lili – O voo das cegonhas
  6. Catarina Miranda – Para sorrir eu não preciso de nada
  7. Joana Barra Vaz – Anda estragar-me os planos
  8. David Pessoa –  Amor veloz
  9. Minnie & Rhayra –  Patati patata 
  10. Janeiro – (sem título) 
  11. Maria Inês Paris – Bandeira azul
  12. Anabela –  Para te dar abrigo
  13. Cláudia Pascoal –  O jardim
  14. Peu Madureira – Só por ela 

The Festival da Canção Final will take place on Sunday, March 4, with the 14 artists fighting for the golden ticket to Eurovision Song Contest.

Portugal, as last year’s winner of the ESC and therefore as this year’s organizer, has been qualified  directly to  the Grand Final of May 12th.

Listen below again to Salvador’s favorite song:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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