Portugal: RTP will take part in Eurovision 2022

Portugal: RTP will take part in Eurovision 2022

Portuguese national broadcaster, RTP, has confirmed that it will take part in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Italy.

Portuguese national broadcaster,RTP, will remain in the national selection form used in previous years, Festival da Canção.

Twenty songs will take part in the Festival da Canção, just like in 2021. There will be two semi-finals, with each choosing five songs for the grand final. The competition is open to all Portuguese nationals residing in the country as well as Portuguese nationals living outside Portugal, as well as nationals of other nationalities residing in Portugal. The competition will take place in the first months of the year, with dates not yet announced.

Portuguese national broadcaster, RTP has released  the rules and regulations of the 56th edition of Festival. 

Portugal in Eurovision

Portugal has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 1964 and has won the contest one time in 2017 with Salvador Sorbal and the song” Amar Pelos Dois“. 

This year Portugal represented by the group The Black Mamba who sang Love is on my Side’ which finished 12th place with 153 points. 

News Source: RTP


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