Portugal: The changes of “O Jardim”

Portugal: The changes of “O Jardim”

The Portuguese entry, “O Jardim“, will be rebuilt for the grand Final of Eurovision according to Isaura, the composer of the song.

The Portuguese song’s composer, which will be sung by Claudia Pascoal, answered the fans’ questions about what to expect in May from the organizing country through a live video on her official Facebook account.As she explained, “O Jardim” is going to undergo minor changes in sound mixing, starting with less piano and guitars and adding more electronic sounds. It must be stressed that the original integrity of the song remains practically intact.

Also,she commented:

“I like the song as it is. I never miss an introduction because I think it’s a factor of diversification. Songs in general always have this introductory piece and that’s different here … And it’s also a matter of principle [not making big changes in production]. If this song is the song  the fans chose, I do not feel comfortable to change chang it suddenly (…) For me, this song has to do with the accumulation of tension. It’s a song that talks about the craving, something we have in our heart, no bitterness and basically, for me, this song has to do with keeping this tension. There is no grand climax in which this tension is released. It has to do with the feeling of this tension on the chest and the return until that moment when Claudia is alone”.

Will there be a music video for “O Jardim”?

Isaudra also responded to questions about whether there would be an official video clip for the song.

“We only had a short period of time to submit a music video to the official Eurovision channel after we won at the Festival da Cançao. So we did not have time to prepare. But we have begun to talk about whether we will build one later ….”


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