Portugal: The composers of Festival da Canção 2018 have been announced!

Portugal: The composers of Festival da Canção 2018 have been announced!

The Portuguese public broadcaster RTP announced the names of the 26 songwriters, who will take part in the national selection of Festival da Canção for Eurovision 2018, which after the victory of Salvador Sobral will be hosted in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon.

The names of the 26 composers are:

  1. Aline Frazão
  2. Armando Teixeira
  3. Benjamin
  4. Bruno Cardoso
  5. Capicua
  6. Diogo Clemente
  7. Diogo Piçarra
  8. Francisco Rebelo
  9. Fernando Tordo
  10. Isaura
  11. João Afonso
  12. Jorge Palma
  13. José Cid
  14. JP Simões
  15. Júlio Resende
  16. Mallu Magalhães
  17. Miguel Ângelo
  18. Minta
  19. Nuno Rafael
  20. Paulo Flores
  21. Paulo Praça
  22. Tito Paris
  23. Janeiro
  24. Daniela Onis
  25. Peter Serrado
  26. Rita Dias

The first 22 composers of the  previous list were selected from the country’s public television. Among them we can see some former Portuguese representatives, such as Fernando Tordo, who represented Portugal in 1973 with the song Tourada (10th place) and José Cid, who, with the song Um Grande, Grande Amor in 1980, managed to reach the 7th place of the scoreboard.

Beyond the first 22 composers, who, as we we have already said, were RTP’s choice, the 23rd in the list was chosen by last year’s winners Luísa and Salvador Sobral, the 24th came from the Masterclass broadcast of the Antena 1 radio network, while a committee chose the last two of the applications lodged.

Festival da Canção will also be consisted of two semifinals on February 18 and 25 and the final will take place on March 4 in Guimarães.

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