Portugal: Tonight the 2nd semifinal of “Festival da Cançao 2018”

Portugal: Tonight the 2nd semifinal of “Festival da Cançao 2018”

Tonight the Portuguese national selection, «Festival da Cançao 2018», continues with the second semifinal. Hosts of the show, to be aired live on public TV, from RTP studios in Lisbon, will be Sonia Araújo and Tania Ribas de Oliveira.

As we all know, «Festival da Cançao» consists of 2 semifinals and the final. In total, 26 artists take part in national selection. Half of them competed last Sunday and the the remaining 13 act will compete tonight’s semi-final round

The 13 entries of the second semi-final are:

  1. Susana Travassos – A Mensageira
  2. Lili – O Voo das Cegonhas
  3. Sequin – All Over Again
  4. Tamin – Sobre Nós
  5. Daniela Onís – Para Lá do Rio 
  6. Diogo Piçarra – Canção do Fim
  7. David Pessoa – Amor Veloz
  8. Cláudia Pascoal – O Jardim
  9. Rita Marques – Anda Daí
  10. Dora Fidalgo – Arco-Íris
  11. Minnie & Rhayra – Patati Patata
  12. Peter Serrado – Sunset
  13. Maria Inês Paris – Bandeira Azul

The final outcome will be determined by votes coming from the audience and a jury consisting of Júlio Isidro (jury president), Ana Bacalhau (singer), Carlão (singer), Luísa Sobral (composer of the 2017 winning Amar Pelos Dois ), Sara Tavares (Portuguese representative in 1994), Ana Markl (radio producer), Mário Lopes (journalist), Tozé Brito (composer) and António Avelar Pinho (composer).

The second semifinal of the Festival da Cançao will start at 22:00 CET and you will be able to watch it HERE.

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