Press Poll 2017: First Semi Final (1/2)

Press Poll 2017: First Semi Final (1/2)

The First Rehearsals are over and like every year the journalists in the press center are voting in order to create their own Poll (after the rehersals). The first results are here and we have a lot of suprises. Finland, Azerbaijan and Portugal are currently leading the scoreboard. On the other hand, one of this year’s favourite songs, the Belgian entry, is at the bottom of the board with null points.


The first day of the rehearsals are over and we have the first impressions. Belgium Albania and Georgia have to work harder, if they want to climb up the Press Poll Board. We will be back tomorrow after the second day of the rehearsals.

This Poll was initiated by ESCToday and the journalists from the Press Room took part in the voting.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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