Romania 2018: Get to know The Humans

Romania 2018: Get to know The Humans

The Humans is a Romanian band from Bucharest. The group consists of vocalist Cristina Caramarcu, guitarist Alexandru Cismaru, keyboardist Alexandru Matei, bassist Alin Neagoe,  drummer Adi Tetrade and Corina Matei. They will represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon with the song “Goodbye”,after their victory in Selectia Nationala 2018.

The Humans had gathered the most votes from the Romanians in the show organized by TVR on Sunday, February 25, on the stage of Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest. Ranked first in the public preference with 3277 votes, the song “Goodbye”, which will be heard on the Lisbon scene, is composed of three members of the band, Alin Neagoe, Cristina Caramarcu and Alexandru Matei.

 The Humans have previously collaborated with Adi Sina, the former member of Akcent, one of the most well-known music producers in Romania.

Before the establishment of the band, Cristina Caramarcu, the soloist of the band, was part of another band, Company 7. Also, from Tecuci, Galati County, the singer comes from a family of artists, and music has been part of his life since childhood. Cristina is the central singer of the band. She graduated from her school, started vocal lessons and soon joined Jukebox where she met with her current members Adi Tetrade, Alin Neagoe and Alexandru Matei.

Alexandru Matei graduated from the “George Enescu Music Academy”, he studied piano under the guidance of well-known jazz pianist Marius Popp. He collaborated with famous Romanian artists such as Andra, Stefan Banica and Damian Draghici, and was also part of bands like Jukebox and Supermarket.

Adrian Tetrade joined a drumkit by his grandfather when he was only three years old. After graduating, he continued to study in Budapest under the guidance of the famous Hungarian professor Nestor Ivan. During his musical career he played in several famous bands such as Sarmalele Reci, Compact and Paula Seling, while he also collaborated with TV shows such as “Dancing With The Stars”, “The Voice of Romania” and “Strictly Come Dancing”.

Alin Neagoe, driven by his passion for music, founded the Supermarket, which won many national awards. He joined Jukebox in 2006, where he met with future members of the band Alexandru Matei, Adrian Tetrate and Cristina Caramarcu.

Alexandru Cismaru is a graduate of the George Enescu Music Academy, like Alexandru Matei, where he studied guitar. With a large number of guitar awards in his career, including three consecutive N.1 awards at the George Georgescu International Festival, Alex was part of various pop, folk and blues bands.

Born in Bulgaria, Corina Matei became a member of the Varna Opera Children’s Choir when she was just seven years old. Three years later he moved to Romania where he began studying the cello. She  graduated of communication and public relations school  and combines her passion for music with the PR skills.



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