Romania 2018: TVR to highlight voting problems

Romania 2018: TVR to highlight voting problems

Yesterday night, the second semifinal of the ESC 2018 took place,where  the remaining 18 countries competed for the gold ticket to the final. 10 of them qualified and 8 left out.
One of them was Romania, which competed with the song “Goodbye” by Humans.

Immediately after the blockade, something unprecedented for the institution this year. The country’s public television,TVR, issued a press release,highlighting some technical problems concerning the televoting procedure.

The broadcaster  highlights the serious  technical obstacles that Romanians outside Romania faced and could not vote for Romanian participation. As you can read in the official announcement, problems have been identified mainly in Germany and Italy.

According to TVR:

« During the 15 minutes allocated to the voting session, many Romanians from abroad complained of technical failures to the telephone system. Messages, sent through social networks, came from countries with large Romanian communities, such as Germany and Italy, where telephone operators had issues with allowing people to vote our representatives (Romania) in the contest. Thus, in Italy, three of the national networks did not operate that night, and in Germany the subscribers of one of the major telephone operators were unable to send the votes. »

The band declared after the results:

« We believed in our chance until the end and we gave everything to Romania tonight. Unfortunately, the result was different from the one we expected, but we are happy to have represented the country on the Eurovision stage. »

Fotis Kourouvanis

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