Romania: Bella Santiago and Linda Teodosiu the two Selectia Nationala 2019 wildcards

Romania: Bella Santiago and Linda Teodosiu the two Selectia Nationala 2019 wildcards

Romania’s national broadcaster, TVR,  decided after Dan Bittman’s withdrawal, to seek for 2 wildcard entries and has opened a last chance window of submissions for new entries. Today the two entries were unveiled and TVR announced that Bella Santiago with Army of Love and Linda Teodosiu with the song  Renegades

As Dan Bittman had withdrawn from the national selection, leaving one spot free in the national final of Selectia Nationala, TVR opened a new platform for new wildcard entries. Songs submitted in the initial stage of the national selection and were rejected were not acceptable. Those who didn’t manage to sent in a song in the first phase of national selection or had a new song had a last chance to send in their music proposal until January 10.

Bella Santiago is the winner of the Romanian edition of  X-Factor 2018 and was a candidate in Selecția Națională 2018  with the song Auzi cum bate in a duet with Jukebox finishing in 4th place. Bella Santiago signs herself the composition of the song alongside with Alexandru Luft.

Linda Teodosiu was born in Germany having Romanian parents and began her music career in 2008 from the  German Idol. Composers of her entry, Renegates, are Jonas Thander, Rachel Suter, Frank Giustra while the first of them has written several national final entries across Europe.

Therefore, after the addition of the two wildcars the  Selecția Națională 2019 competing entries have reached the number 25, which in the following days will be split in the two semi final rounds. The 1st semi final is set to take place on January 20 in Arad while the 2nd semi final on 27 January in Iași. The grand final is scheduled for February 17.

For the first time  Selecția Națională will feature an international jury that will determine  the final outcome by 50% while the rest 50% will be determined by the public vote. In case of a tie the international jury’s voting will determine the final outcome. The full list of the 25 competing entries is:

2 Gents “Ielele”
Aldo Blaga “Your Journey”
Bella Santiago “Army of love”
Berniceya “The Call: Dynasty of Love”
Claudiu Mirea “We Are the Ones”
Dya and Lucian Colareza “Without You (Sin ti)”
Echoes “High Heels On”
Ester Peony “On a Sunday”
The Four “Song of My Heart”
Georgy “Tears”
Johnny Bădulescu “Give Up Now”
Laura Bretan “Dear Father”
Letiția Moisescu and Sensibil Balkan “Daina”
Linda Teodosiu “Renegades”
Mihai “Baya”
Nicola “Weight of the World”
Olivier Kaye “Right Now”
Ommieh and Anakrisez “Rock This Way”
Steam “The Way It Goes”
Teodora Dinu “Skyscraper”
Trooper “Destin”
TMW “Make Me Your Man”
Vaida “Underground”
Xandra “Independent”
Xonia “Discrete”

In the playlist below you can listen all of the Romanian national selection entries:

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