Romania: Roxen will return at Eurovision 2021!

Romania: Roxen will return at Eurovision 2021!

The Romanian national broadcaster, TVR, confirmed, today that the country will be represented by Roxen at next year’s editon of the Eurovision Song Contest. 

TVR has decided to stick with Roxen as Romania’s representative at the 2021 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, after this year’s edition was canceled, due to the COVID-19 pandemicRoxen will represent Romania at Eurovision 2021 with another song following EBU’s guidlines that all ESC 2020 countries can compete with tha same act if the want in next yesr’s edition but with a new song released after September 1, 2020. Starting from the provisions of the Eurovision Song Contest Regulations regarding the national selections and in agreement with its partner Global Records, the Romanian Television decided to support Roxen as a representative of Romania at the 2021 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Head of Delegation says:

The Romanian television waited for the official confirmation from the organizers about the possibility of the participation of the selected performers for this year’s edition, discussed with the Global Records partner and decided that Roxen would remain the representative of Romania at this prestigious competition for the 2021 edition. complex, we are pleased to be able to capitalize thus the investments of resources in organizing the National Selection 2020 and to respect, at the same time, the confidence vote already granted to Roxen. We are living another form of normality today, so Eurovision will reshape our hearts with another force at the next edition. I am sure that Roxen can impress Europe with attitude, voice and presence, even if the selected song did not have the opportunity to do so.

Roxen herself stated:

I received this news with joy and emotion and I want to thank everyone for their confidence. I already know how much dedication and work this project entails, so I am ready to resume my program to represent Romania at Eurovision 2021. I am sorry that the regulation will not allow me to sing “Alcohol You”, a song which I love very much, but I will sing whenever I have the opportunity. I can’t wait to get back to work and produce the best song for Eurovision 2021!

In this year’s National Selection, the song with which Roxen was nominated to represent Romania at ESC2020 with the song was “Alcohol You”, whose production was occupied by Viky Red, the music being signed by him along with Ionuţ Armas and the text was was written by Ionuţ Armas and Breyan Isaac.

Source: TVR

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