Romania: The 4th semi-final’s results

Romania: The 4th semi-final’s results

Shortly before, the 4th semi-final of the «Selecția Națională 2018» was completed in Turba, a city located on the Arieş River. The stage was set up in the Rudolf mine, in a natural and shining landscape, which is at least 50 meters wide and 80 meters long.

The show was again hosted by Diana Dumitrescu and Cezar Ouatu and the following artists were competed tonight:

  1. Bernice ChitiulToo Busy for My Heart
  2. Cristian SimionescuNirvana
  3. Nicoleta ŢicalăUna oportunidad
  4. ZØLTANDacă dragostea e oarbă
  5. Alice JeckelOut of the Dark
  6. Dan ManciuleaRază de soare
  7. Lion’s RoarRekindle the Flame
  8. Ioana Ciornea –  Time After Time
  9. TIRIDeșert de sentimente
  10. FeliBună de iubit
  11. Paula CrişanI Am Here
  12. Claudia Andas – The One

Besides the contestants, we watched Elena Gheorghe and Ad Libitum Voices,two brilliant Romanian artists, performing. Elena Gheorghe represented Romania in the ESC 2009 and returned to the stage interpreting some successes. One of the few bands in Romania that adopts the pop-opera style, Ad Libitum Voices, featured a series of successes such as “Caruso” (Lucio Dalla) and “The tree” (Aurelian Andreescu) in the stunning Salina Turda scene.

Elena Gheorghe


Ad Libitum Voices


The jury was formed as in the three previous semifinals by : Liliana Ştefan (lyricist of the Romanian participation in Eurovision 1998), Viorel Gavrilă (conductor – composer), Ilinca Băcilă (Romanian representative in 2017 together with Alex Florea), Nicu Patoi (guitarist) and Marian Ionescu (guitarist, pianist, composer and founder of the Direction 5 band).

From each semi-final, only the three songs that have won the most votes from the jury are eligible. The viewers will play a leading role in the final of Selection National on 25 February.

Following the vote of the jury, the 3 songs that managed to get the ticket for the final of Selecția Națională 2018 tonoght are:

  1. Claudia Andas – The One
  2.  TIRI – Desert of feelings
  3.  Feli – Good to love

So far, in the final of Selecția Națională, we find  the following songs:

The fifth and final semifinal will take place on February 18 in Sighișoara.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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