This evening Romania will be holding its national final to determine which song Roxen will perform next May on Ahoy Rotterdam’s stage at Eurovision 2020.  

On February 11 Roxen was internally selected to represent Romania at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. This Sunday the Romanian hopeful will perform 5 candidate entries in order for the public and the jury to select the one that will travel with Roxen to The Netherlands next May. The show’s  5 member jury consists of the following members:

  • Luminiţa Anghel  (Romania 2005)
  • Crina Mardare  (Vocal teacher)
  • Alin Oprea (Musician)
  • Edward Sanda (singer)
  • Andrei Tudor (composer)

The show will take place at Sala Sporturilor “Romeo Iamandi” in the city of Buzău. Host of the show will be Elena Gheorghe (Romania 2009) and Connect-R. 

Image result for Elena Gheorghe (Romania 2009) and Connect-R.

During the final we will see Loreen (Swedn 2012), Sandros (Cyprus 2020) and Ulrikke (Norway 2020) take the stage and perform as special guests of the show.

The five entries we will see tonight Roxen perform on stage are:

  1. Beautiful Disaster
  2. Cherry Red
  3. Colors
  4. Alcohol You
  5. Storm 

The national final will start at 20:00 CET and you can watch it live HERE