Romania: TVR opens new submission window for wildcard entries

Romania: TVR opens new submission window for wildcard entries

Romania’s national broadcaster, TVR,  decided after Dan Bittman’s withdrawal, to seek for 2 wildcard entries and has opened a last chance window of submissions for new entries.

As Dan Bittman has withdrawn from the national selection, leaving one spot free in the national final of Selectia Nationala, TVR opened a new platform for new wildcard entries. Songs submitted in the initial stage of the national selection and were rejected cannot be sent again. Those who didn’t manage to sent in a song in the first phase of national selection or have a new song have a last chance to send in their music proposal until January 10 at  The term of submission are exaclty the same as the ones in the first period of submissions.

On January 11 the two wildcard songs alongside with the rest 23 entries will be allocated in the two semi finals, scheduled to be held on 20 and 27 January respectively. The Grand final of Selectia Nationala is set to take place on February 17.

The 23 entries are already availiable on Youtube in the following playlist:

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