Romania wins INFEVision Video Contest 2021 with Minelli’s song “Rampampam”

Romania wins INFEVision Video Contest 2021 with Minelli’s song “Rampampam”

INFE Romania won the 2021 edition of the INFEvision Video Contest represented by Minelli and her song “Rampampam”.

The Grand final of INFEVision 2021 was broadcast Saturday evening (15/1), which saw Romania winning the competition with Minelli’s song “Rampampam” .

This year’s edition was launched in the first days of October by host club INFE Moldova, which was the winning country of INFEvision 2020. In collaboration with the INFE Romanian club, the process commenced with the reveal of the INFEvision 2020 slogan “Future Nostalgia” . From that point all INFE clubs were given a period until end of October to confirm participation to the host country. A  total of 22 countries around the globe will eventually be participating in this year’s contest, which is a new record number for the comeptition itself after last year’s 19 countries.

The countries that took part in the 2021 edition along with their respective entries were:

ARMENIA – Sirusho – Let It Out
AUSTRALIA – The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – STAY
COLOMBIA – Aida Bossa – Vida De Colores
CYPRUS – Anna Vissi – Loulaki
GEORGIA – IRU – No jerk around me
GERMANY – Elif – Alles Helal
GREECE – Evangelia – Fotiá
HUNGARY – Ali Bakgor, Kallay Saunders – Ocean
IRELAND – Dermot Kennedy – Better Days
ITALY – MEDUZA – Tell It To My Heart
MEXICO – Mario Bautista – Brindo
MOLDOVA – Iuliana Beregoi – Cum Suna Linistea
NORTH MACEDONIA – Antonia Gigovska – Magnet
POLAND – Viki Gabor – Toxic Love
ROMANIA Minelli – Rampampam
SLOVAKIA – Peter Pann ft. Separ, Kali – STROJ
SLOVENIA – Nipke – Kdaj Bo Hit
SOUTH AFRICA – Riaan Grobler, Jennifer Zamudio – Liefdeshartaanval (Lover’s Heart Attack)
TURKEY – Nazan Şoray – Adrese Teslim
VENEZUELA – LAGOS & Danny Ocean – Mónaco

Here is the official recap of the competing songs and videos:

The result was determined by a combination of jury voting, provided by the members infe clubs taking part, and an online voting.


First revealed was the jury result, which were determined by the infe clubs and their members or juries. 22 set of votes were cast with the scoreboard turning out as following:

Next came the results from the online voting which saw a total of 12. 627 voters across the globe casting their preferences. Here is how the online voting results turned out once all votes were counted:

Here are also the breakdown of votes according to the number of votes for each country:

Final result

With the addition of the online voting results to the jury verdict , Romania was declared big winner of the contest with Minelli’s song “Rampampam” receiving a total of 211 points, while second came Greece’s Evangelia and her song ‘Fotia‘ with 199 points. The top three closed Italy with 168 points for Meduza’s song ‘Tell it to my heart”.

In case you missed out the INFEVision 2021 show you can watch the whole thing in the video below:

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