Romania’s First Rehearsal.

Romania’s First Rehearsal.

After the break ,next on stage for rehearsal is the duet from Romania, Ilinca and  Alex Florea, the winners of the Romanian national final, Selecția Națională 2017, with their song Yodel it.

Just before their rehearsal the duet stated that this will be the most difficult rehearsal since it will be the first one on a stage which differs very much from that of the national final’s one and is more demanding.

A very colorful back round and cannons on stage form pretty much Romania’s this year’s entry on stage. During the song’s bridge Alex separates away from Ilinca and comes again forward bringing with him a cannon. At some point there is a countdown but its objective is not clear, even until the end.

For sure a very different melody to hear this year from Romania, which that has drawn a lot of attention and has brought controversial comments to the media and fans.

Lets take a look to Romania’s first rehearsal video:

Angelo D.

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