Russia 2018: Second Technical Rehearsal  for Julia

Russia 2018: Second Technical Rehearsal  for Julia

Russia opens the curtain for today’s rehearsals. Julia Samoylova climbs on her mountain with “I Will not Break” . As in the first rehearsal, the performer is on an iceberg like her video clip.

There is a projector that looks graphic on Julia’s dress, as well as on the floor. This time she is again dressed in white and has fewer rhinestones in her face. There are red and yellow lights in the middle of the song, and there is a telephoto effect like broken glasses when she  says “  I Will not Break”.

On stage,there are 3 vocals, while in the chorus there are two dancers, a man and a woman, dressed in white and doing acrobatics.

At the end, they  meet on the bridge and embrace each other while the camera shows Julia. Small changes in choreography while the scene remains the same. Voices are better than the first rehearsal, while its English has improved considerably with regard to parties.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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