Russia: Listen to Yulia Samoylova’s “I won’t break” for ESC 2018

Russia: Listen to Yulia Samoylova’s “I won’t break” for ESC 2018

On January 26th, Yulia Samoylova, through her social media accounts, announced that she would be Russia’s representative in Lisbon. The news was subsequently confirmed by the country’s public television and the song chosen Is titled   «I won’t break».

A day before the deadline set by EBU for the official entries sumbission, the Russian delegation published the official music video of their mid-tempo song.

Enjoy below Yulia’s «I won’t break»:

The composer of the song is Leonid Gutkin, who was behind the Russian participations in 2013 and 2015 and he also wrote Moldova’s participation in 2016. Director of her staging will be Alexey Golubev.

We remind you that last year Yulia was chosen to represent Russia in Kiev but she did not eventually reach Kiev as the Ukrainian authorities banned her from entering the country because of Crimea crisis and her presence in a concert in the unilaterally intergrated by Russia region of Crimea and without first obtaining permission entry from the border service of Ukraine.

Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Russia participated for the first time in the competition in 1994. It is one of the most successful countries in the contest since it has never failed to qualify to the Grand final . Additionally a total of 20 Russian entries have achieved 12 times a top 10 placing .In 2008 Russia won the contest with Dima Bilan and the song «Believe». In addition, it has reached 4 times near victory, winning 2nd place in the years 2000, 2006, 2012, 2015. In 2016, Russia came first at the TV audience’s preference, but the jury voting deprived its second victory , ranking it in 5th position, limiting it to a 3rd placing in the overall score.

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