Russia: Yulia Samoylova to fly the flag in Lisbon! Song already chosen.

Russia: Yulia Samoylova to fly the flag in Lisbon! Song already chosen.

According to her posts on her social media accounts ,Yulia Samoylova will be the one to fly the flag for Russia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest . Her statements reveal that the song she will perform in Lisbon has already been chosen.

Yulia Samoylova , after today’s statements clears up the rumors concerning her participation in Eurovision 2018, that reported her not to be the Russian representative. Already today she met the director,  Alexey K. Golubev, who will manage her staging in Altrice Arena next May in Lisbon.  This what she stated herself:

Since i wasn’t able to compete in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, i was given the chance by Channel 1 to participate this year. My song according to EBU regulations had to change. Alongside with my husband and the composer Alexey Taran, we proposed two songs, one relevant to space and one relevant to a fairy tale . Whatever they select i am ready to sing in English, Russian or Portuguese. Concerning my health everything is going well. I’ve never been to Portugal before, either have i seen the ocean. I’m dreaming of swimming.  

So after Yulia’s statements we are waiting for the Russian national broadcaster , Channel 1, to specify which song we will see on Altrice Arena’s stage. We remind you that last year Yulia was selected internally to represent Russia in Kiev but didn’t reach the Eurovision stage, as the Ukrainian authorities forbid her entry in the country, because of her presence during a concert in Crimea, after the unilateral annexation of the region by Russia and without getting legal permission by the border officials.


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