Russia’s First Rehersal

Russia’s First Rehersal

Sergey Lazarev wants to become the “only one” to steal the impressions on this Eurovision Contest with his magic wall. The Russian stage act includes a “magic wall”, which is first only used as a projection screen but then turns into a climbing wall.


The number starts with a close up of his face in total darkness. Then he stands before an LED screen and sprouts black wings. The darkness and interaction with the wall surely reminds us of last year’s Mans Zemerlow show on stage. It gets more impressive as he he somehow climbs pillars jutting out of the LED wall. He lays down and seems to float in space. He stands on a pillar as the ground collapses around him. He seems to ride an iceberg floating in space. And at the end he stands on top of a massive box before an LED sun. Successive magical pictures that connect us with his music video and surely maintain the audience’s attention until the last minute.


TH0000123_14His backing dancers appear only for a while performing the choreography that we have seen during his promo tour events. Vocally he has it 100% all through the song despite the difficult element he must perform. However one of his backing vocalist seems to loud , so must give attention to maintain the sound balance between her and Sergey’s vocal performance.

In conclusion, this is one of the most impressive performances of the day and justifies completely why the Russian contestant comes into the contest being the bookie’s and polls front runner.

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Watch Sergey’s Backstage rehearsal of his song and his first rehearsal on Globen Arena’s stage.

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