Saara Aalto interested in a Eurovision participation with the U.K

Saara Aalto interested in a Eurovision participation with the U.K

Saara Aalto left open the possibility of getting involved in Eurovision  but this time representing the United Kingdom.

The Finnish artist in her recent interview to a British site, talked about her two attempts to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest and expressed her interest in a future participation but this time for the U.K. Saara enjoys wide popularity in the country after her participation and  2nd placing in the music talent show X Factor . Despite her past failures, she didn’t hesitate to express that performing on the biggest music stage in the world, is one of her dreams but she stated not ready at the present time for something like that, as she is working now on her music.

The Eurovision Community got to know  the ” Finnish Fairy”, as they call her in the U.K, while she was competing in the Grand Final of UMK,  Finland’s national selection. Her first attempt was in 2011 with her entry “Blessed with Love” when she ended 2nd behind Paradise Oscar and his entry «Da Da Dam», which finished at 21st placing in the Eurovision Contest for Finland.

Saara achieved the same result in the 2016 Finnish national final with her entry “No Fear” . In that year’s Eurovision Song Contest the country didn’t manage to qualify to the Final ending at the 15th place in the semi final.

However, these weren’t the artist’s first attempts , since she had participated in the national selection back in 2004, as a member of Heidi Kyrö & JUST and their song  «Dance My Heart Away» finishing at 6th place.

Watch Saara’s video of one of her x factor performances that made her famous in the U.K:


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