Saara Alto as a Judge in X-Factor Finland

Saara Alto as a Judge in X-Factor Finland

Saara Alto is a Finnish singer and she already has tried 2 times to represent her country in the ESC. Both times she ended at the 2nd place (2011, 2015). Last year Saara moved to the UK to take part in the X Factor – UK.

Her coach was  Sharon Osbourne but she won her place at the live shows with a wild card by Nicole Scherzinger. Although Saara wasn’t very famous at the beginning of the show she managed to reach the grand final of the show and she ended up at the 2nd place after Matt Terry.

After her success in the X Factor UK, Sarra will be back again at the show at her country but this time as a judge!!! The announcement was made by Saara through her Facebook page. Michael Monroe, Suvi Teräsniska and Mikael Gabriel will be the other 3 judges. X Factor has only one season in Finland in 2010 but after the  recognition that received the British show in Finland via Saara the Finnish broadcaster want to reveal the show again.

I am very happy for all these. Life is an adventure and you have to fly even when things are scary!!!

The 2nd season of the Finnish X Factor will be aired in the Spring of 2018.




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