It is a fact that the health of Salvador Sobral seems to have stabilized since, according to local media, it is no longer in the intensive care. Despite this, time is pressing tightly, since a compatible graft has not been found at the moment, despite the fact that Salvador is the first on the waiting list. The chairman of Portuguese cardiology company Manuel Carrageta also spoke about this, who argued that if the transplant for Salvador can not be found soon, then the artificial heart implantation will be the only solution.

Meanwhile, and as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017  is in the hospital, support messages coming from around the world prove that Salvador is giving a very hard fight for his life, but he is not alone in this serious situation for his life.

His sister, Louisa, in every appearance, asks everyone to pray for her brother, in order to be able to return to his previous life sooner.