As we have already mentioned in our previous article, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Salvador Sobral, announced at the end of the summer that he had to cancel his upcoming concerts and that he would dedicate all his time to his health, which is fragile. So he gave his last concert in Cascais on September 8th.

Athough we knew that the situation is very crucial, this week the news are getting even worse. Despite the fact that he was able to return to his home after his initial stay in the hospital, he was forced again to be moved to the Santa Cruz hospital, near Lisbon, and he has been moved to the intensive care at the moment. The rumors say that only very few people can visit him and his condition is described as extremely serious.

Salvador has to be very calm and positive for the transplant and the most important matter is to find a suitable donor. A compatible donor and a successful transplant can improve patients’ life and make them have a normal life with survival rates five years in the region of 75%.