San Marino and Montenegro’s historical night

San Marino and Montenegro’s historical night

They finally did it. Against all odds, Valentina Monetta was third time lucky and she will be representing her tiny country at the final of the Eurovision song contest 2014, along with much bigger countries such as the UK, Russia or Germany.

Similarly, Sergej, the montenegrin hopeful, will be the first one to represent his country in Eurovision (although the montenegrin group No Name represented Serbia and Montenegro back in 2006). Sergej made it to the final in an edition with only half of the balkan countries, which is really significant.

The favorites did its job: Sweden, Hungary and Armenia will be on Saturday’s final. Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine will also join them. The Netherlands and Iceland were also big surprises for some of the accredited media, but the truth is that they did a great job yesterday.

The rehearsal for the second semifinal will start in a few minutes. The ten songs that win tomorrow will complete the line up of this year’s edition.

Juanma Lopez

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