San Marino: Eurovision 2018 participation not certain.

San Marino: Eurovision 2018 participation not certain.

Despite the fact that San Marino is a small country, every year it’s drawing a lot of attention on the media due to its statements. This time it was Carlo Romeo’s turn to attract media attention. The general director of San Marino’s national broadcaster RTV, in his recent interview complained that EBU favors the BIG 5 countries and generally the bigger countries and ignores the smaller ones like San Marino. He went on further saying that they will think seriously about next year’s participation after their disqualification 3rd year in a row. However, same statements of resentment were heard by  RTV  the previous years too,  but  without having any relevant decisions enforced.san-marino-2017-valentina-monetta-jimmie-wilson-9

This year the country was represented by  Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson who not only didn’t manage to qualify in the final, but ended up last in the semi final with only 1 point. The only time Monetta achieved to qualify to the Grand Final was in 2014 with Monetta’s entry Maybe.

In the recent years three small countries have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest but only San Marino remains as an active contestant. Monaco, who’s participation was financed directly by the Government and not a broadcaster, participated the years 2004 till 2006 and Andorra until 2009 but withdraw due to the high cost of a likely participation.

Remember Monetta’s  this year’s entry :


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