San Marino: Eurovision 2019 representative to be announced on January 21

San Marino: Eurovision 2019 representative to be announced on January 21

Just the previous week the national broadcaster of San Marino, SMRTV, had announced that it had already chosen its Eurovision 2019 representative and the song that will compete at the next edition of the contest in Tel Aviv.. The announcement referred to an international artist to represent the country.

Through a new notification the national broadcaster, informed that the country’s Eurovision 2019 representative will be announced on January 21. That exact reference to an international artist alongside with Rodrigo Alves’ post on his social media accounts arouse speculations wheather he will be the next Eurovision act. 

Following his first post came a second one featuring the same implications :

On the other hand similar posts brought forward as a potential Sammarinese representative the russian origin female act, Daryana Kraieva when on her website her team mentioned that she had been selected as the next Eurovision act for San Marino.

Image result for Darya Kraeva

However, the national broadcaster has acknowleged all these rumors and just revealed that all the details on San Marino’s Eurovision 2019 participation will be revealed on January 21 through a special press conference.


San Marino debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with Miodio and is yet to win the event. The landlocked country has participated in Europe’s favorite television show 9 times and has only made it to the Grand Final once, in 2014 when Valentina Monetta placed 24th in the Grand Final.

Valentina has flow the Sammarinese flag at the Eurovision Song Contest four times ( 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017).

In 2018 the Sammarinese broadcaster came up with a fresh and innovative approach to select its Eurovision act and entry for Lisbon, an online international national selection 1 in 360.

Jessika Muscat and Jennifer Brening won the 2018 Sammarinese national final and defended the Sammarinese colours at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with their entry  Who we are. Despite a great performance San Marino failed to qualify to the Grand Final for the fourth consecutive time.

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