San Marino: It’s Jessika with “Who we are” to fly to Lisbon

San Marino: It’s Jessika with “Who we are” to fly to Lisbon

A week before  EBU‘s deadline for  the participating countries (March 12th) to submit there entries , another country decided for its Eurovision 2018 representative.

After two semifinals and a complicated voting system , this year San Marino’s representative in Lisbon will be Jessika (feat. Jenifer Brening), with the song Who we are“, who was selected by a joint vote of  public and a jury.

In the previous two shows , which were recorded, we listened to the audio versions of the songs and after the end of the 2nd show, the jury had chosen a song for each contestant with which they would compete in the big final.

The 11 contestants that competed tonight were:

  • Camilla North
  • Emma Sandström
  • Franklin Calleja
  • Giovanni Montalbano
  • IROL
  • Jenifer Besky
  • Jessika Muscat (WINNER)
  • Judah Gavra
  • Sara de Blue
  • Sebastian Schmidt
  • Tinashe Makura

As referred above, the winner was selected through a combination of  jury and  public online vote. Following initial allegations of vote fraud in the early stages, two safety mechanisms had been put in place to ensure the vote will be fairer and less open to manipulation. First, the online vote costed €1 and was limited to one vote per Pay pal account.

The voting system was the same as the Eurovision points system of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 points.

In order to make the public vote harder to manipulate, the proportion of jury vote to public vote was changing depending on how many public votes were received.

  • If less than 50,000 votes were cast, the public vote would account for 10% of the total vote.
  • If between 50,001 and 100,00 votes were cast, the public vote would make up 20% of the total.
  • If between 100,001 and 200,000 votes werecast, the public vote was bumped up to 30%.
  • If between 200,001 and 250,000 votes werecast, the public vote became 40% of the total.
  • And if more than 250,000 votes were cast, the public vote and jury vote became 50% each.

Listen below to the winning act:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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