San Marino: More than 600 submissions for Eurovision 2018 but none from San Marino.

San Marino: More than 600 submissions for Eurovision 2018 but none from San Marino.

San Marino’s Head of Delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni , revealed that more than 600 singers  have submitted so far the application to represent the country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Artists from all over the world, even from countries such as South Africa, Cameroon and Lebanon have expressed interest in the country’s national selection. However no artist from San Marino has appeared to be interested, although it’s the first time such opportunity is given to local artists.

 Alessandro Capicchioni commented on that fact by stating :

This is a process that was planned even for the local artists having developed a system that strengthens them.We cannot just sit and wait for our artists if they have something to say.

Whoever is interested to represent the country have time until 30 November to submit a video of them performing a hit or a new original song. After the deadline, all submitted videos will be published in the network , letting the public to comment and share their favorite artists. The candidates must gather at least 100 likes or shares in order to have their video reviewed by a a jury or to pay the amount of 4,99 euros in order to be automatically reviewed by the jury.

Ten finalist will me selected from the list and will be announced the first days of December, while 3 of those candidates will be selected as wildcards. Then a number of televised  live shows will be broadcast on the internet and T.V to determine the next Eurovision 2018 representative for San Marino. The Grand final’s qualifiers and the final winner will be determined by jury and public voting.

The live shows of qualifying rounds will take place in January and the national final in February.

San Marino was represented in Eurovision 2017 by Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson and their song Spirit of the night but didn’t manage to qualify to the Grand Final.

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