San Marino: Preparations for the next edition of 1in360 underway

San Marino: Preparations for the next edition of 1in360 underway

It seem as San Marino is heating up the engines for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, as the creative team of 1in360, the San Marinese national selection mechanism for Eurovision 2018, have started preparing themselves for the next edition.

1in360 was launched in 2018!  It was San Marino’s first national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest aired on TV. The process predicted an online submission of songs, which eventually came in from more than 1000 singers and composers. The national final was aired from Bratislava, Slovakia and the result was determined by an online voting and a jury voting alongside.

A couple of days before the production team released on the official YouTube and Instagram accounts of 1in360 a new logo of the show. Same time they confirm a 2019 comeback of the show, despite the fact that the national broadcaster hasn’t cleared yet that this will be the formula to determine the next Eurovision 2019 representative.

In this year’s Eurovision , Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening represented the country with the song “Who We Are” without qualifying to the final as they ended up in the 17th place of the 2nd semi final with only 28 points.

The Eurovision Story So Far

San Marino took part  in the Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time in 2008, in Belgrade. On its debut appearance Miodio and his song “Complice” represented the country which ended up in the last place of the semi final. After an absence of 2 years they came back in 2011 and since then haven’t missed a contest. In 2014 the country achieved its first grand final participation. On the contrary in 2017 it marked its worst result as  Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson with “Spirit of the Night”.finished in last placing of the semi final .

Lets remember the song that drove the country to its best result so far:

Angelo D.

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