San Marino: Significant changes to the national final voting system

San Marino: Significant changes to the national final voting system

The last two Fridays we watched the first two shows of  1in360, San Marino’s national selection.  In the first show the acts performed the songs assigned to them, while in the second show apart from the performances, we watched which song was decided for each contestant to perform in the final.

However, local media reports referred to notable negative reviews on the country’s national selection. Initially, complaints were made concerning the fact that Zoe Straub, member of the jury, has written the majority of the competing national final songs. In addition, further complaints referred to the complicated voting system and the expensive cost of voting through PayPal. All This situation brought second thoughts to the production of 1in360 that led to serious decisions of making significant changes in the voting system.

The New Voting Rules 1in360

Due to all this latest facts some severe changes were issued for the country’s national final:

  • Zoe Straub won’t have the right to vote in the national final and the jury will include people specialized in the music scene like,  Mr. Alessandro Capicchioni, San Marino’s Head of Delegation.
  • The public voting will take place not only through PayPal and will have a 50% share in the final’s result determination. The audience will be able to vote for its favorite act through the electronic platform of Global Rockstar. Each voter can spend an amount from 20 to 8.000 euro for each competing act he favors. If two competing acts receive the same amount of votes they will get exactly the same points.
  • In case of tie, the final winner will be determined by the highest percentage in jury voting.

San Marino’s national final will take place on March 3 in Bratislava and can be watched on the country’s national channel or via the official YouTube Channel of the national selection. In the final the competing acts will perform the final version of their entries, that so far we have listened in their acoustic version only.

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