San Marino: SMRTV publishes details of national selection ESC 2022 “Una Voce per San Marino”

San Marino: SMRTV publishes details of national selection ESC 2022  “Una Voce per San Marino”

The national broadcaster of San Marino, SMRTV, published all the details about the national selection of the country for Eurovision 2022 “Una Voce per San Marino”.

San Marino was one of the first countries to confirm its participation in Eurovision 2022 with the national broadcaster of San Marino, SMRTV, announcing that they will go to a national final called “Una voce per San Marino” in order to determine the next representative of the country in Eurovision 2022.

The national broadcaster of San Marino, SMRTV, has published the rules and regulations of the upcoming national selection. “Una voce per San Marino” will take place between December and February with the participating artists divided into two major categories: Emerging Acts and Big Acts. Nine Emerging acts and nine Big acts will be in the grand final to be held on February 19, 2022 at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana.

Behind the production of the show are together with SMRTV, Evolution Srl, the Ministry of Tourism, Post, Cooperation and Exhibition of the Republic of San Marino.

The Emerging acts will take part in a preliminary casting phase and will take place at the “Teatro Titano”. Through a series of semifinals that will take place on February 9-13 and a final show on February 16, 2022, nine Emerging acts will qualify for the grand final. In addition, the nine Big Acts that will compete in the national final will be invited directly by Media Evolution Srl. The final result of the competition will be determined by a special jury.

While all acts and songs must comply with the general rules laid down by the EBU there are no restrictions on the nationality of the contestants. Those interested in participating in the national selection must submit their applications through the official “Una Voce per San Marino” website  until January 8, 2022.

San Marino in Eurovision

San Marino has been taking part in the Eurovision Song contest since 2008 and has not won the competition to date.

Best placing so far was in 2019 with Serhat with her song Say Na Na Na which finished 19th in the final.

This year San Marino represented by Senhit who sang ‘Adrenalina’ alongside with Flo Rida which finished 22th place with 50 points. 

News source: San Marino RTV

Image: SMRTV

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