San Marino: Tonight the second show of “1 in 360”!

San Marino: Tonight the second show of “1 in 360”!

Tonight, the second show of  “1 in 360”, San Marino’s national selection for  the country’s ESC 2018 representative, will be aired. Last Friday, we watched the 11 finalists performing an acoustic version of one of the two songs written for each of them, before a jury, consisting of Zoë Straub (Austrian ESC 2016 representative), Alessandro Capicchioni ( San Marino’s Head of Delegation), Neon Hitch (singer) and Ladislav Kossar (businessman).

Tonight, we will watch  the candidates perform the acoustic version of their second song . At the end of the  show, the jury will choose a song for each participant, which will be performed in its final version on March 3rd.

The 11 acts and songs of tonight’s show are:

  • Basti – Stay
  • Camila North – Yo no soy tu chica
  • Emma Sandström – Hold on
  • Franklin Calleja – Stay
  • Giovanni Montalbano – Immenso
  • IROL feat. Basti – Sorry
  • Jenifer Brening – Until the morning light
  • Jessica – Out of the Twilight
  • Judah Gavra – Moonlight
  • Sara de Blue – Out of the Twilight
  • Tinashe Makura – Free yourself

The show will start at 20:05 CET  and you will be able to watch it HERE.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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