San Marino’s First Rehearsal.

San Marino’s First Rehearsal.

The 4th day of rehearsals opened with San Marino’s  first rehearsal, which is represented by Valentina Monetta. Valentina has represented the country three times in the past (2012,2013,2014) and this year with the american singer and actor  Jimmie Wilson, will be her fourth attempt. The country’s broadcaster SMTV  had decided for Valentina through an internal selection.

Valentina’s song Spirit of the Night is a result of a collaboration between Ralph Siegel ( who has written quite few Eurovision entries in the past, among them, Germany’s winning song in 1982 «Ein bißchen Frieden» and all of previous Valentina’s entries in the contest),  Jutta Staudenmayer and  Steven Barnacle.

Just before they got on stage they stated that we will see a very flamboyant and fascinating disco performance.

Behind the two acts there are three backing vocalists standing. Jimmie is dressed in black and Valentina is wearing a golden top. The whole scene is illuminated with bright colors and transfers the audience in the past time of the 70’s when disco was at its glory times. There were a lot of delays between the rehearsal rounds with some technical issues to be solved and directing modifications. Due to these problems they didn’t manage to go through all four rounds of rehearsals.










Vocally powerful both of them, the press room gave them a wide applause at the end. Take a look at Valentina’s first rehearsal day below:

Angelo D.

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