San Marino’s first rehearsal

San Marino’s first rehearsal

After second brake, San Marino is on stage with Serhat. Everyone is ready for a balland but the song is transformed into a disco one. The singer from Turkey, who is also a TV presenter and producer, is not alone on stage. Five beautiful girls are with him on stage and on the videowall we can see some illusion dancers. There is also a raised platform on stage. The entire stage is in blue and pink colors and we can also see some disco balls and falling stars on the LED screens. Sehat wears a crimson hat, blue shirt and white trousers and the five girls are casually dressed  for this rehearsal. At some point, the back vocalits are coming off the raised platform to join Serhat on stage. The end of the show comes when the camera comes close to Serhat and he throws his hat on air.




Stefanos Charpantidis

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