Sasha Song: I’d be proud to represent Lithuania for the second time

Sasha Song: I’d be proud to represent Lithuania for the second time

We all remember Sasha Song, when he represented Lithuania in 2009 with his song Love. This year, he takes part in Eurovizijos 2017, the National selection of Lithuania for Kiev. INFEGREECE, asked him some questions, and he was happy to answer all of them!!!!!

Hello Sasha and crongatulations for your qualification to the next round of Eurovizijos. We remember you from your previous participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. What convinced you to try again to represent your country in the contest?

I love my country, i love Europe and I’d be proud to represent Lithuania for the second time.  I’m glad that i have a strong fan base in Europe and they would like to see me in Eurovision again. I am also very proud to be the only Lithuanian artist to receive a special award from the OGAE Rest Of The Word for the best  Eurovision 2009 performance, by a world wide internet voting.


Tell us some thing about yourself as an artist. What have you been doing all these years?

Well I am an artist, singer, songwriter, vocal-music arranger and co-producer. At the age of 12 i’ve released my first studio album, “Svajoniu Laivas” (The Ship of Dreams) and my voice was often compared to the legendary Robertino Loretti. My song “Mamai” has become one of the most  famous songs in Lithuania. In 1995 – 1998 i received a “Bravo” award as the New-comer of the year. I won numerous International competitions throughout Europe and received a letter of gratitude from the President of the Republic of Lithuania. In 2009, i represented Lithuania in Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow and i managed to reach the Grand Final.  I’ve also toured all around Europe. I am also performing a tribute to George Michael for the past 5 years, with a live band and with a symphonic orchestra. I was very happy to receive a very positive feedback from George Michael’s management. I was totaly devastaded when he passed away.

This year’s song is called “Never felt like this before” and it is very different than your previous entry. Do you think you have potentials in a song contest like Eurovision with this song than your previous entry?

Music changes, people are changing  and i am not an expeption. I think this song has more potentials because I want this song,  not only to suit the Eurovision standards, but also  to be modern, memorable (since you only have one chance in Eurovision), melodic, upbeat, trendy and I want to make people feel good.


Will you keep the same stage performance in the next rounds of Eurovizijos or you will change things?

I will definitely change things!! So you have to wait and see 🙂

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? Which are your favourite entries?

My favourite entry so far is Dami Im. Amazing voice, amazing song, amazing performance.

Lithuania is the only Baltic country that hasn’t won the contest yet. However, it seems that you found your way to the final the last years. Which will be your goal,  if you win Eurovizijos and eventually represent  your country in Kyiv?

Last time, my goal was to get through to the Final and i was the second Lithuanian artist after LT United in history to do that. This time i’m older, smarter and more patient. My goal is to take it step by step, not to rush, think everything though carefuly, work with professionals and see how it goes.

Last but not least, which question, that i didn’t ask you, would you like to ask yourself and what will the answer be?

Why do you wear hats? 😀

Well, before my grandfather died, he gave me his hat and it suited me. So i started to experiment with hats and it became a part of my image. I love caps, hats and other accessories like scarfs, male jewellery, (sun) glasses and other interesting and unique objects.

Thank you for your time Sasha and best of luck at the continue of the competition!

Thank you 🙂




Stefanos Charpantidis

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