Second Rehearsal Croatia and Norway

Second Rehearsal Croatia and Norway

After the Lunch break we will see Croatia, Norway, Switzerland and Belarus.


Croatia is now on stage and Jacques Houdek wears black, has 3 black vocalists, a violinista and a cellist. On the background we can see a hill,  a tree and  lots of sunflowers. When the songs comes to an end, Jacques is in the front of the stage with his back vocalists. In the end of the song we can also see some fireworks.


Jowst and Aleksander Wallman are on stage  for Norway. On stage, we can see also the producer and Dj of the song and two musicians. All of them are dressed in black and they also wear masks and hoods. The singer is wearing  white shirt,  black trousers and black hat. The statging is the same as in the National Final. The colours we can see are black and purple.



Stefanos Charpantidis

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