Second Rehearsal for Armenia, Slovenia and Latvia.

Second Rehearsal for Armenia, Slovenia and Latvia.


Armenia kicked off today’s rehearsals, a country that based on the bookies betting odd is one of the favorites as they place her in fifth place.

Artsvik Harutyunyan gets on stage wearing black to deliver her entry Fly with me. Two female dancers are on stage with her making moves synchronized with the song’s beat. The performance end up having a hologram of a bird flying towards our screens. Vocally she is stable and faultless and for that she got a wide applause coming from the press room.


Next on stage is Omar Naber, Slovenia’s representative with his entry On my way, which so far is going satisfying in the betting odds, despite he’s dynamic performance.
Omar appears on stage with a black suite and white, while around him on the back round  appear rectangular hologram like mirrors. Vocally he is very good as expected from him first rehearsal . Betting odds want him out of the final but we ‘ll have to wait the votes to come in.


Latvia is next on stage with its representatives , the group Trian Park. The female singer gets on stage painted brightly and her intense blond colored hair have two braids. She is wearing a garment fitted type bodysuit with pink high heel boots. The microphone is pink colored too and the rest of the band behind her participate to her performance clapping.

During the song’s bridge she throw the microphone and moves forward on the stage. Fans, interactive closeups and some images from above and colorful effects on screens and the floor complete the setting of the Slovenian performance. Vocally satisfying but the applause in the press room rather low.

Angelo D.

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