Second rehearsal for Bulgaria and Lithuania!!!

Second rehearsal for Bulgaria and Lithuania!!!


Next country on stage is Bulgaria for the second rehearsal and for many people Bulgaria is the second favorite to win, after Italy. In the beginning we see a rainy screen and around the singer there are mirrors and there is a game with electric formations which change shape while the singer touches his heart. At the chorus these electric elements begin from the singer’s hand and at the end of the song the background is dark. Kristian Kostov is very good vocally and the audience inside the arena gives him a big round of applause.


And after Bulgaria, Lithuania takes on stage. The singer wears a red dress and the four backing vocalists with the person playing the guitar are dressed in black. At the beginning there were some problems with her headphone but the problem was solved after a while. The screen is in red colour with different kinds of shapes and at the end of the song a circle appears with a fan that winds on the singer’s face. Good enough vocally!

Angelo D.

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