Second Rehearsal for Denmark, Ireland and San Marino

Second Rehearsal for Denmark, Ireland and San Marino

Next in today’s program are Denmark, Ireland and San Marino.


Anja is wearing a red beutiful dress. The backround starts with a combination of purple and blue color, to turn afterwards gold.  The gold rain and the fireworks falling surely stands out. At the end of her performance she falls on her knees. Vocally she is fantastic and she cooperates well with the back vocalists.


Brendan Murray is wearing black trousers and white T-shirt. He appears inside in an air balloon which seems like flying away with a backround of clouds, mountains, and cities in black, white and red colours. His backing vocalists are not shown on the screens but vocally is good.

San Marino

Jimmie and Valentina is wearing a black clothes. The whole scene is illuminated with bright colors and transfers the audience in the past time of the 70’s when disco was at its glory times. Vocally powerful both of them, the press room gave them a wide applause at the end.



Andrew Korypas

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