Second rehearsal for Estonia and Israel.

Second rehearsal for Estonia and Israel.


And now it’s time for Estonia for the second rehearsal. The screen is a combination of white and black colours. Koit Toome wears a black costume and Laura is dressed up in a very beautiful white dress. At the beginning of the rehearsal the camera focuses on the singers’ faces. Laura had initially some technical problems and we couldn’t hear her high notes very well, something that changed in the other two tries of their rehearsal because she didn’t try the highest note. During the whole song the camera changes between the faces of the singers and the whole background and the screen reminds us of a door that opens and makes the way to the stage even brighter.


After Estonia Israel came on stage and the attenders in the exhibition center gave him a big round of applause. Imri wears the same clothes like his first rehearsal. The screen is purple and behind him we can observe a sky full of stars which alternates with the hologram of the singer, while he and the backing vocalists sing the song dressed in white and black colors. Imri faced some vocal difficulties (especially in the high note) but generally the acceptance of the audience inside the arena was satisfactory.


Angelo D.

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