Second rehearsal for FYR Macedonia, Malta and Romania!!!

Second rehearsal for FYR Macedonia, Malta and Romania!!!

FYR Macedonia

Jana Burceska appears on stage for her second rehearsal with the song Dance Alone. The singer is alone on stage dressed up in a black short dress with black boots, which are long covering her knees. On the screen behind her, we can see some parts of her video – clip and the singer dances during the whole song, but she is a little bit clumsy. Red, blue and white colors complete the presentation of this performance. Her voice is weak, like in her first rehearsal.


Now Claudia Faniello appears on stage wearing a long white dress. At the beginning the singer is alone in the center of the stage and during the second chorus she moves to the front part of the stage. Behind her, the screen shows her face and at the end of the song the camera focuses on her eyes. Her voice is totally amazing, as she was in the first rehearsal. Do you think that Malta and Claudia Faniello will manage to qualify for the big final?


And now it’s time for the final second rehearsal of the day with the duet from Romania Ilinca and Alex Florea and the song Yodel It! Ilinca wears a short red dress and Alex a beige t-shirt with black vest and black trousers. During the first round the this rehearsal there are some problems with the sound because ilinca couldn’t hear the music from her headphones. The screen is colourful and in the stage and on thew screen there are lots of cannons. They are good enough vocally and they dance during the whole song. At the end of the song both singers are at the front part of the stage. Lots of applause from the attenders.

After these performances, The Big 5 countries and Ukraine will appear on stage for their first rehearsal. Stay tuned!

Angelo D.

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