Next in final today’s program are Iceland, Czech Republic and Cyprus.


Svala is wearing white costume and white cape. We also can see some colourful aurora, lazer lights and white sharp lines and shapes.

Vocally she is stable, no problem at all. She is alone on stage. Her backing vocalists are not shown on the screens.

Lets see the second video of Iceland’s rehearsal:

Czech Republic 

Martina got on stage wearing a golden metallic suit. The song starts with the stage in purple and yellow hues, she walks in a yellow strip of light and has parts of the people from the video clip of ”My turn”. Unfortunately the sound and visuals were out of sync here in the press centre but she sounded faultless. Martina is performing alone on stage. She sounds great in the arena.


He is wearing a black trouser, black T-shirt and black  jacket. Cyprus has a great idea with a over-complicated choreography. On the background we can see  geometrical shapes and lines.  The bridge of the song finds him laying on the floor inside into a supernova or storm underneath him which looks great. Hovig’s vocals are good, as it was expected. Everything seems to be working well for Cyprus.