Second Rehearsal for Montenegro, Finland and Azerbaijan (continuous update)

Second Rehearsal for Montenegro, Finland and Azerbaijan (continuous update)


After the break its Montenegro’s time to get on stage for its second rehearsal.


Still a lot of instability in Slavko’s vocal performance. Along with his pigtail he is wearing his purple long skirt that he flies off in the first chorus. On the back ground screen we see two animated dancers, moving to the songs beat. During the second part of the song he lays down on the floor, where his face projected on it, an effect used by many participants this year.

The backing vocalists are not visible on stage. The director makes many closeups to the singer, especially as he spins his pigtail around.


This 2nd rehearsal is pretty much the same with the first one. Her vocal performance is stunning once more. Her face expression complies with the song’s essence. The back round is blue colored with black shades . The biggest applause so far in the press room. Overall : She’s heading to the final!



Dihaj is wearing black trousers with a light silver top  and a long coat on top of it. Vocally perfect one more time she starts singing in front of a black table making short moves. On the second chorus this opens and the dancer that is on stairs take of the horse helmet. During the song’s bridge the backing vocalists appear wearing black coats and making synchronized moves. At the end Dihaj takes of her coat and throws it down.

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